Google Docs on iPad coming soon

According to Google’s blog suggest that Google Docs is coming soon to the iPad within a few weeks. Well this new app can take another step forward for Apple’s device in taking into the future of cloud computing. Google Docs on the iPad will allow users to read, edit and store files in their Google accounts. For now, we can it is a much welcomed feature as there is no other comparable app that performs the same.

Lets’ look at Google’s blog:

Second, today we demonstrated new mobile editing capabilities for Google Docs on the Android platform and the iPad. In the next few weeks, co-workers around the world will soon be able to co-edit files simultaneously from an even wider array of devices.

The Google Docs on iPad will allow user to access to browser-based rather than app-based, but given the state of the art in mobile browsers like Safari, Dolphin, and Skyfire all provide great experiences.


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