Google Engineers to Everybody Uses Apple Laptops, No One for Google Chrome OS Cr-48

It looks like that everybody at Google I/O 2011 use a Mac, including Google engineers. iPad 2 even gets some jealous looks. Nothing can happen without Apple Mac or iPad in technology. See for yourself.

Google I/O 2011 Developer Conference

You can find plenty of Mac photos from Google I/O 2011 developer conference (started 2008) at Moscone Center in San Francisco, where Apple holds its WWDC since 2003.

iPad 2 vs. Wanna Bee Tablet

Someone with a tablet / slate looks sad, when he compares his device with iPad 2. Notice how the iPad 2 owner looks happy.

Android Phone vs. Apple Laptop

Google Engineers Use Apple Computers

The above pic shows an Google engineers used Apple laptop to make their presentations.

It is sad that no one from Google or from the audience seems to be using the Google Chrome OS Cr-48 (CrAp) Crippled netbook, which was given out free in December 2010.

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