Google maps availability fuels iOS upgrades

In a somewhat ironical development, Upgrades to Apple’s iOS 6 have increased by 29% after Google Maps were made available on the operating system.

 According to mobile advertising service MoPub, iOS 6 adoption increased by around 13% last week, and even more over the weekend.Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 4.33.55 PM In the last 5 days, after Google released Google Maps for iPhone, the percentage of users running those apps on iOS 6 increased by 29%.

Google had earlier provided the default maps application for Apple’s iPhone, ever since its launch in 2007. Apple went on to release their own maps alongside iOS 6.0 in september, and had replaced google maps in favour of their own. The map service has since become infamous for being unreliable, filled with errors and omissions, leading to a backlash of sorts, with iPhone users demanding the move back to google maps.

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