Google Maps on Offline Mode

Google has introduced an offline mode of the Google Maps and thanks to a new feature called Donwload Map Area. No matter which part of the world you are in, the map will help you get your right way.

The Android app which was released last december has got an update of cached routes and surrounding areas. Google highlighted a new feature that helps everyone and comes in need to common man who use public transport everyday. Feature is turn – by – turn navigation for transit which will help you get off at the right bus station which is a really great and a tough task.

The Android version uses a vector based system for the map tiles unlike the old image based system which the iOS versions have still been using. The vector method which is currently in use has quick download of the map and storage without using much space.

The take off has been good but the work is still progressing. Looking up the transit maps is not possible when you are offline but the areas which are downloaded can be viewed. Hopefully some improvement will be made very soon.

[Image courtesy butterscotch]

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