Google Maps with ‘Commute’ tab w/live traffic info, Spotify, Apple Music integration


Google Maps, one of the company’s most-used and more-adored products, updated with an improvement of things getting better. Today, Google announced a slew of features with new maps where users include a new “Commute” tab.

Commute tab for Maps

The ‘Commute’ tab for Maps pops up with a limited rollout in early September. Hence from starting today rolls out to users with Android and iOS.

Google with a new feature designed helping one “take control where one can commute.”

Thus in many cities across North America with results rush hour traffic. This makes commuting move up to 60% longer which is more than expected.

With the new ‘Commute’ tab, there are Google Maps providing live data on traffic. This hence helps one to be the best. Thus these manage your daily trip to work automatically accounting for accidents or heavy traffic. This helps in the better budgeting of time which accounts for providing alternate routes.

Thus with Android users, notifications are about updates sent to their device gets caught before the delay.

The new tab with a better account for transportation has mixed users. Thus with one being the driven in a personal vehicle takes public transit and also Google Maps displays information where each leg of the trip includes departure times for buses and trains.

With one seeing helpful information about when to leave and hence for each leg of your trip: one should know about the traffic on your drive, where the next train departs, and how it takes to walk along from the train station to the office. As a matter of fact, one should note that the automatic factor into your ETA anticipates the exactness about the work.

Google worked with the public transit of about 80 regions around the globe. This started to provide a real-time location upon data on subways, trains, and buses. Hence with Google Maps, users in Sydney would be able to see how full the bus is or train is. This feature also is active in more cities across the world.

With transit riders in 80 regions worldwide, the exactness is that one could see of their bus or train in real time of their map. With this, helps in planning a day more efficiently—about the expenditure of an extra few minutes with a grab of coffee, or really need making a run for catching your bus.


Finally, Google Maps adds an integration of popular music services, Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music. The availability directs within ‘Google Maps’ gets navigated on the screen. With Spotify on Android, one has to take a note about the users browsing through their songs and playlists too.

Hence with all of these new features starts rolling out to the users, this week on both Android and iOS.