Google To Launch Cheaper Tablet Before Windows Surface Arrives

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Rumors said that Google will launch its tablet in July this year. However, now it seems that the tablet may come early.

On the heels of Microsoft’s impressive unveiling of the long awaited “Surface” Windows 8 tablet, reports on Tuesday morning, 19 June 2011, indicated that Google may preempt the Windows tablet launch by releasing a cheaper Android tablet in the next few weeks or months.

According to Microsoft’s announcement on Monday, there is still time for the new Windows tablet to be introduced in market. Microsoft confirmed:

“Surface for Windows RT will release with the general availability of Windows and the Windows 8 Pro model will be available about 90 days later.”

In other words, you should wait and watch. In fact, by the time “Surface” reaches the tablet market, the landscape may be more competitive than it already is. If the Wall Street Journal’s sources are correct, Google will give the iPad another run for its money this summer with a lower-priced Android tablet.

In coming weeks, Google is expected to unveil the lower-priced Android tablet that it developed with Asustek Computer Inc.

In the past, many in the tech news business have been quick to trumpet the arrival of the “iPad killer.” For now, nobody can predict whethere the Surface tablet or

Google’s lower-priced Android tablet will effectively kill the iPad.

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