Government and Enterprise sales of Mac increases in 2nd quarter

Fortune recently reported on a new research conducted by Needham analyst Charlie Wolf breaking down Apple’s Mac sales by market segment for the second calendar quarter of 2010 and comparing that performance to the PC industry’s as a whole. Wolf found that Apple had seen a strong growth in the second quarter. Especially in the government and business sector the growth was immense and had beaten all its rivals by a huge margin.

Among his findings:

– At 35%, Mac shipment growth in June easily exceeded the market’s growth rate of 20.9%.
– Mac shipments grew 31.4% in the home market, topping the market’s growth rate of 25.2%.
– At 49.8%, the Mac’s growth in business was three times higher than the market’s 15.7%.
– Mac shipments in government grew 200%, sixteen times faster than the market’s 12.1%.


Wolf also revealed that Apple’s strongest growth occurred among larger companies, in the business sector and also spoke about Apple’s growth in the European market.

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