Great chances for Apple and Nokia, if BlackBerry is blocked in India.

Are you stuck with the govt? Don’t worry, it happens in India. The Indian govt. is mulling over the security issue of BlackBerry in India for the last few weeks. And people who are using the BlackBerry are confused and perplexed. Don’t bite your nails there is still some time that will decide the fate of your smartphone.

To this outbreak of this news the RIM’s rivals Apple Inc and Nokia would be among the biggest gainers if India blocks BlackBerry services. It has been long since both the firms are waiting to gain share in a market that has been mostly dependent on BlackBerry.

On the other side the people are feeling extremely uncertain as they depend on their communication devices that if the govt. takes a decision to ban the BlackBerry they have to look for some other alternatives.

A plus point to the RIM’s rival Apple and Nokia. However the fate of these companies depends on the final decision of the Indian govt.

Folks you can hold your Berry till 31st of Aug, when the govt gives its decisions or else there are the Apples and Nokias waiting for you. Options are unlimited you see.

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