Griffin Reveal Helo TC iPhone Controlled Helicopter

Griffin has made known the Helo TC, an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch that controlled helicopter. Gizmodo reports that part of Griffin’s new AppPowered Accessories range of toys is charged up by USB and can talks to iOS device by accessing infrared signals. The interesting thing about these accessories is the fly flight mode sounds, it utilize iOS device accelerometer to emulate the movements.

Controlling features include a virtual joystick which can also manage the helicopter. User has also an option to record up to three flights plans that can make an impression to friends as once your flight moves around perfectly. The AppPowered accessories battery only last for eight minutes at a time and that can shorten your pleasure to showcase your talent. Helo TC will be price at £35 ($56) which is cheaper as compared to Parrot AR Drone $300. HeloTC will be available for purchase before Christmas.

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