Grooveshark no more in the App Store


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Grooveshark was really a fun thing on the App Store. I always wondered how Grooveshark could charge just $3 a month for unlimited on-demand music streams to your iPhone while other companies charge more than three times as much.

Well now it’s no more on the App Store, Just 10 days after its release, the iPhone app of music-streaming service Grooveshark has been pulled out from Apple’s App Store due to a complaint received from the British arm of Universal Music Group, said the app maker’s in a blog post on Tuesday.

Grooveshark, whose website promises “free Internet radio stations,” was said to be competing with Apple’s iTunes Music Store, which depends on the cooperation of major music label groups like Universal.


The App is believed to be rejected a number of times, after its submission a year ago, primarily for selfish reasons of Apple claimed the App maker. After spending almost a year testing the app to get it through Apple’s stringent approval process, it was accepted by Apple on August 8 to be posted on the App Store.

Grooveshark said the app was taken down in response to a complaint Apple received from Universal Music Group UK, which has been known to be in a contract with rival Internet-radio service Spotify.

Apple seems to have done this in order to avoid any legal problems with Universal. However Grooveshark on its blog stated that it is committed to getting the iPhone app back in the store and into the hands of its iPhone users as soon as possible.


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