Guide: Disable Accelerometer on iPhone

main_accelerometer20080609Accelerometer is one of the coolest features of the iPhone. Sometimes though, you might want to get rid of it.

Luckily, you can do that through SBSettings, Toggle aptly called Rotation Inhibitor which allows you to disable the accelerometer on the fly to stop the screen from rotating.

Rotation Inhibitor is a SBSettings Toggle developed by the Ryan Petrich, the same guy who has developed Clippy, a popular jailbreak app which brought the missing copy and paste functionality to the iPhone.

SBSettings is one of my favorite jailbreak app as it offers a faster way to disable or enable settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

SBSettings also allows developers to create custom toggles that can be installed from Cydia and then enabled so that users can access them from SBSettings.


Ryan has created a custom toggle for SBSettings which allows you to turn off the accelerometer sensor to stop the screen from rotating.

Since SBSettings can be launched from any iPhone app, you can use the Rotation toggle to disable the accelerometer sensor in any app. Tapping on the Rotation toggle disables rotation (toggle icon turns red) as seen below) and tapping on it again enables rotation (toggle icon turns green).

However, with the Rotation toggle you can’t lock the screen in landscape mode in iPhone apps. I would have preferred that option as I usually prefer to use Safari in landscape mode while reading.

But other than that, the Rotation toggle does the job and has solved the annoying problem for me.

You can install Rotation Inhibitor via Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone. You might have to activate the Rotation toggle via SBSettings “More” button.

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