Guide : How to get iTunes ringtones for FREE!

The following guide helps you get the 256kb\s iTunes ringtones

– Open iTunes
– Find a Ringtone you want (I’m going to use Halloween Theme 2007, and it must be a ringtone not a song or video)
– Preview the ringtone, then close iTunes
– Open iFile and navigate to /var/tmp/MediaCache
– Open diskcacherepository.plist
– You will see a link like “”
– Copy the link
– Open Safari and paste the link
– Download the ringtone
– Re-open iFile and navigate to the Downloads folder (var/mobile/Library/Downloads I believe)
– Rename “mzm.dpvpdlmp.aac.p.m4p” to “Halloween.m4r”
– Copy/Cut the file to “/var/stash/Ringtones”
– Open Settings and set your new ringtone.
– PS. I always delete the MediaCache folder before starting

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