Hacked Siri can control Thermostat

Here is the news of a new Siri hack that might make you catch cold (literally).

A developer has found out a unique way of hacking Siri by which the temperature of your living room can be controlled. Anybody can control thermostat and find out the temperature in your house and change it according to his will.

The developer achieved this by creating his own proxy server that would stand as a barrier between his iPhone 4S and Apple. Now when requests are made to Siri, proxy server would respond and collect the information it needs. Proxy server passes information back to iPhone 4S. This shows that iPhone 4S does not require a jailbreak and Siri can simply respond if the question is proper.

Following video shows the developer asking for the room temperature and then requesting thermostat to increase the temperature.

Source: Gadget Venue

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