Hacked Siri Enables Voice Assisted Torrenting

Siri iPhone 4S

It seems that SiriProxy will soon dethrone Chuck Norris as the king of extra-ordinary adventures.

Chuck Norris Facts have been popular for years and recently, we have seen Siri doing many extraordinary things that one would have never expected Siri to do. Very soon, we might be reading the SiriProxy facts as in near future, perhaps there would be nothing that SiriProxy cannot do.

Many hackers made Siri do extraordinary things, like controlling room temperature, turning on fireplace, turning on TV and controlling electronic appliances in your house. Once a hacker made Siri start a car.

Now a chapter has been added to the achievements of SiriProxy because now your voice assistant Siri can also download torrents with ease.

A YouTube user called xstasyen89 hacked his iPhone 4S in order to download movies through a private tracker. He used a SiriProxy plugin to achieve his purpose. The hack enabled the hacker to download torrent from a private tracker.

The hacker asked Siri to download Cowboys and Aliens. Siri dutifully responded with “Found 3 results. Siri selected the online file Cowboys and Aliens 2011 Extended 1080p Blu-Ray x264 crossbow and asked the hacker whether he wanted to download it by asking, “Do you want to download this?”.

Hacker confirmed and the download begun.Within few moments, Siri said that the movie had been downloaded and was ready to be watched. Following video shows the procedure that hacker carried out.

So this shows that if hack or jailbreak is proper, Siri can do anything. We hope Chuck Norris does not beat us after reading this, thinking his achievements are being undermined.

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