Hacker Turns On Fireplace With Siri

iPhone S4S Siri turns on the fireplace

The amazing features of Siri have amusing the iPhone users ever since iPhone 4S has been released.

Hackers cannot get enough of Siri and want to explore all possible abilities of Siri.

They create Siri proxies and make Siri do things one would have never imagined.

December is here. Winter has started. Are you feeling cold? Want to light up your fire place? Tell Siri to do that.

You may wonder how Siri can do that. After changing room temperature and controlling the electric and electronic devices of your house, Siri has got the ability to light up your fireplace.

Mark Hodder, a hacker has found a way to make Siri light up your fireplace and control your Christmas Lights. The setup includes an ioBridge and several X10 modules that can turn your appliances and light sockets into web-enabled clients.

Hodder used a Siri proxy, installed in his Macbook, to control X10 Modules.

Following video shows what Hodder accomplished.

Source: iDownload Blog

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