HackStore Collects Non-Mac App Store Apps Together


The jailbreak apps for iPhone and iPad (and the apps rejected by Apple’s App Store) can be found on Cydia. They can be downloaded into iPhone or iPad from here.

Now there is a Cydia type-answer to Mac App Store.

The Cydia store has been serving up apps to those with jailbroken iOS devices. Now the Mac users who do not wish to use Apple’s Mac App Store have a reason to smile. Now, there is HackStore, a free app put together by Andrey Fedotov. HackStore is a collection of non-Mac App Store releases like Filezilla, GIMP, and Plex. Of course, You could just go to the various websites and download those apps for free, but why should those who do not want to play in Apple’s walled garden miss out on a real App Store experience?

There is a drawback of HackStore. Just like Cydia, most of these apps have not been sanctioned by Apple directly, so you need to download and install these at your own risk. HackStore allows people unwilling to be part of Apple’s system to have a little system of their own. Fedotov says, “This program for me is the epitome of Cydia for iOS, but on a Mac OS.” Whatever doesn’t fly in the official store, he will happily put in this app. No jailbreaking is needed to run this app in your Mac.

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