Hand-Picked: Clear, the To-Do List App For Mac and iOS

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Today We launched our vibrant new category, Hand-Picked. We envision the category to voice opinions and standpoints on apps for iOS & OS X, we admire these apps and see a promising consumption value being received by the users. There’s a simple yet meaningful story behind the depreciation of the usual Review category to a fresh, more responsible category, Hand-Picked. While I was discussing about reviewing Clear app for Mac with my colleague Mark, he jokingly said “We better be careful, Clear doesn’t really need a review.” We continued discussing about apps we truly embrace and wish to feature on our website for our readers.

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Clear is a to-do app in the overcrowded Productivity category of the app store. Why I say overcrowded is because productivity driven apps are submitted every fortnight, very few ones make it to the top and eventually become an important part of a user’s daily life, a tool to kickstart your day and an app which stays on your iPhone, Mac for a reasonable amount of time. While you look around, veterans & award winning apps like Things already occupy a senior rank, there’s a stiff competition which already exists and to cut across this competition is an achievement in itself. Clear certainly transcends well-known productivity apps and is fully able towards resting on your iPhone, Mac for months or even years.

Given a first glance, Clear might appear a clean, simple app, lacking in details and frills expected from a typical muscly built productivity app, and not powerful enough to carry the burden of meticulous schedules and routines of a user. But, once you start using you realize how effectively it manages to-do’s and is a secretly feature-packed app. Clear can smoothy manage a complex productivity plan of a user.

I’ve been using Things since it was first introduced and, when I decided to getting rid of complex & over crowded Mail apps or save myself from the slow-sluggy iTunes, Things started to appear too complex, particularly adding & deleting to-do’s.

Clear as an app- is what you expect a to-do list app to be, simple to-do jotting, Cloud synchronized & a perfect reminder app. There are enough attention to details which can please a user, making the app an impressive one.

You can create tasks under lists which is one level up, make it accessible by pulling-down the to-do. Above the to-do hierarchy are Lists, switching among Lists is quite simple and convenient. While operating from a Mac you can use keyboard shortcuts Command+1, Command+2 etc or switch by Command+left/right arrow key. Speaking about the Menubar icon, its a better shortcut as it allows me to access my lists directly rather than pulling down and selecting Lists from within the app. Menubar icon is minimal & enough.

There are couple of ways you can create new tasks, mouse over between 2 tasks and they beautifully tear open into new task item, iPhone like Pull-to create new task on top. To insert a new task at the end, a keyboard shortcut Command+C is available and the another way is to click on empty area. I love the fact that the app is so conveniently accessible keyboard only.

Now comes my favourite feature: iCloud sync with iPhone of Clear version. Though using Clear on iPhone and Mac is familiar, but not very similar. Somehow, trackpad gestures on Mac takes time to get familiar, as I prefer keyboard shortcuts over touchpad gestures.

Last but not the least, if you’re like me you will love the 8-bit reminder sound for reminders. Sci-Fi & 8-bit sound package comes as an in-app purchases for the iPhone but I love that I have these for the Mac app as free.

Clear is now my clear choice. Which to-do list app do you have on your Mac & iOS Device?

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