Hands-on: iOS 12.1 beta 1 changes – A brief overlook?

The developer version of beta iOS 12.1 released last week, which brings several new changes and features which includes one feature, which is noteworthy where one could specifically aim at iPhone XS users. This beta version initially does not contain lot changes, but the three changes which have been uncovered were all significant in their own way. First and foremost thing, where Group FaceTime returns, is a feature where Apple heavily touted in its iOS 12 of a pre-release page.

With a delay thanked, Group FaceTime launches did not with alongside the initial release of iOS 12. Thus we were hopeful of appearing a dot release before the end of the year. Thus, a Group FaceTime allows up to 32 different individuals sharing a single group video conversation.


  • Group FaceTime returns
  • Real-time preview of Depth Control in Portrait mode
  • New Color watch faces in Watch app
  • Video walkthrough

The next big feature is exclusive to iPhone XS and XS Max users with the new Depth Control. This allows one to adjust the Portrait mode depth of the field. This is available now with a real-time preview during photo composition.

Hence one means to say is that now composing photos is with the right amount of blurriness background. This is where a handy new slider in the stock of the Camera app, is at Portrait mode interface.

Finally, with a brand new Color watch faces, one easily finds the Watch app. This allows the users to select from 51 different colours. These watch faces include Ticks, Circular, and Full-Screen Styles available for the Apple Watch Series 4 and older hardware.

Thus Apple Watch Series 4 gained access with the complication-free Full-Screen Color. Thus there is a watch, faced and tailored to the device’s large display. This one runs with watchOS 5.1 developer beta 1 fully taken an advantage of the new Full-Screen Color watch face.