Hardware improvise to fix the Antenna problem: Telcel, Mexico

The smoke is still in the air. Let me make you clear, you might have not forgotten the antenna debacle that took place few weeks before in iPhone 4 and Apple meticulously overcame the problem by providing free Case. Since then the matter is passive.

Now hardware improvise tactic has been taken in hand because on September 30th, when the free case program expires, revised hardware without the reception issues will become available as claimed by Mexico’s Telcel.

Thus loads of work in hand of Apple to overcome. Hope after the free case expire the revised version of the iPhone 4 by the end of September to address the highly-publicized antenna issue be a success.

We can’t help Apple in this regard but definitely hope it does get success and the iPhone 4 may come amongst us all over again with no defects.

Thanks MacDailyNews.com

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