Enjoy Harmless Hunting Of Birds With Bird Hunting Mania [REVIEW]

Bird Hunting Mania

Wrestle Mania is almost a month away and if you want to see some other mania that is not getting too much coverage from media, then try Bird Hunting Mania.

Hunting birds maybe legal in some states and maybe illegal in other states because in United States, laws differ from state to state. But the bird hunting that I am introducing you to is completely legal in all states.

You can understand the popularity of Bird Hunting Mania with this fact that it is the Number One iPad game in Chinese app store where it has three stars.

Bird Hunting Mania

In Bird Hunting Mania, you get to shoot and catch various types of birds like Hummingbirds, parrots, eagles and even phoenix (mythical creature).

This game has no violent content as you do not kill the birds while hunting them. You shoot nets that catch the birds. When your energy bar is full, you can shoot electric bolts that would paralyze the birds and once the bird is paralyzed, it comes into your captivity and you score points. Thus, mothers can happily encourage their kids to play this game.

Speaking of points, game tells how many coins (points) you score by catching a particular bird. For example, if catching one kind of bird gets you ten points, then catching another kind of bird gets you 40 points. This may sound similar to the Mario game but it is quiet different.

And the graphics of Bird Hunting Mania are more high quality, colorful and beautiful than the graphics of Mario game. You get a beautiful view of exotic land.

Bird Hunting Mania

The theme of Bird Hunting Mania:

This game also highlights a serious issue that the whole world is facing. Today, more and more birds are becoming extinct from Earth. You have seen “Rio”. You know what people have done to now extinct birds, some of them most beautiful birds that the world would have ever seen. Bird Hunting Mania takes you to a planet that has the same bird species. To protect those rare and endangered bird species, as a player, you need to increase the population of those birds on your planet. You are on the mission to bring back some birds from that planet.

Playing the game:

You shoot bullets of nets by tapping on the screen. The point you tap at would see the net coming there. You can switch between different crossbow to adjust the size of the bullet. You can purchase coins by clicking on the golden egg marked with “$” on the bottom left corner when you run out of coins. Phoenix can only be caught by bullets. You will be rewarded with special eggs after you catch a phoenix. You can choose to either hatch (wait for 15 minutes) the egg or break (100 coins) it. Nobody knows what would you get when the egg hatches. That is surprise that I would not want to kill.

Now I would show you the features of this game:

1. This game is simply addictive.

2. As mentioned earlier, Bird Hunting Mania features stunningly beautiful graphics.

3. There are 11 different birds, from little hummingbird to giant eagle.

4. The game features 3 Unique locations with waterfalls and flying mountains.

5. Thanks to high-quality animation, you see a beautiful scenery on your screen.

6. You can collect magical eggs.

Following video would give you an idea about playing the game and see the beauty of the animation:

As you saw, this video also tells you what type of birds you will find in this game.

Bird Hunting Mania is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later version.

This review has been written after the game being downloaded from app store and the game has been played on an iPod.

So are you ready to enjoy the beauty of nature and have exciting game with various varieties of birds? Share your comments with us.

Click here to download Bird Hunting Mania.

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