Harrel: I used Final Cut Pro X for a while [Video]

Here, Jeffery Harrell a video editor has posted a video on his first hand experience with Final Cut Pro X.

Folks check out the video by Jeffery Harrell below. The title of the video is missing and even the video creator has also admit this. Harrell says, “I don’t have a title for this”.

I used Final Cut Pro X for a while. And I formed some opinions about it.

Oh, and since it’s been asked: I cut this with Premiere 5.5 on my laptop. Never used Premiere before, needed a project to learn on.

After the released of Final Cut Pro X by Apple, there have been many hue and cry from users, even yesterday we have posted a video of Conan mocking the Final Cut Pro X, not only that even iclarified site has mention that 1300 professional editors has signed an online petition named as ‘Final Cut Pro X is Not a Professional Application’

[ Via iclarified]

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