Has the new OS 3.1 update bricked your iPhone?

Recently having trouble after the new OS 3.1 update? Well you’re not alone. Reading through all the recent articles and forums I’ve seen that quite a number of i-Phone users have experienced problems:
– Home button not working properly.
– Internet constantly crashing.
– E-mails, texts, voice-messages occurring all at once.
– Screen shots locking the phone/touch.
– Bricking
To combat this some users have recommended reinstalling i-Tunes 9 and reinstalling 3.1 firmware. Of course if your i-Phone/i-Touch is bricked then i-Tunes will not recognize your device and you may have to do a D.F.U/Restore.

However if you’re still in warranty then the safest and quickest way to fix the problem is to head to the Apple Store for a new phone replacement, but for those of us who have out-of-warranty phones it’s a hefty +$199 replacement.

If any of you have come across any of these issues and solutions then please feel free to leave a comment.

-Grathina Furlong

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