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Havoc iPhone

When you think about a game in which a character destroys everything that comes in his way or stop a monster that is destroying everything, you think of popular games like the game based on Disney movie Hercules where you play Hercules, destroying monsters that destroy everything. Or you think of some DC Comics based game where you are Superman, fighting against the Kryptonian monster Doomsday.

However, here is an interesting game from Dinoroar Interactive where you become the monster and destroy everthying that gets in your way. In this game, destroying everything is a way to score points, go to next level and win the game.

Havoc iPad

You start the game and hear a roaring sound by some dinosaur. In this game you help Xerxes, Lillith and Samson in a quest to find their baby. First you choose the monster that you want to be and then you choose the level that you want to play.

You walk and destroy everything in your path by picking up ammo (or any rock like object that shoots out when you give the command to throw) and throwing them at objects. On your way, when you see some fly rockets, you must hit them as by hitting some rockets, you might release some minions who help you. This game has five unlockable levels set in different locations. The more items you destroy, higher the chance is for you to unlock the next level.

Though the names of two characters (Lillith and Samson) have been borrowed from the characters in Hebrew Bible, the name of third character (Xerxes) is inspired from the ancient King Xerxes whose kingdom was somewhere in present day Iran. The reason for borrowing names with such different cultural references does not seem to be explained.

So are you ready to unleash the monster inside you to find your baby? Discuss this game in the comments section below.

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