Headface, Chroma, Amelia Timer, and other apps to check out this weekend

This week there is an app where a Weekly roundup includes AR app taking face-swapping with next level, a digital piano teacher, and a beautiful interval timer. We thus selects two great new games checking out.


Headface – an app offers a realistic face-swaps experiences courtesy of augmented reality. I know with several apps can do this and hence, developers say which separates Headface from Snapchats filters app with more realistic experience, lights premium models. Note: only for iPhone X and above.


Thus there is an access where piano or keyboard, wants checking out Chroma. There is an AR app which helps one to learn Piano. Thus with one take an app where there is a quick scan with piano keys, selects over 100K pieces of sheet music, watching AR graphics keys with play. Thus there is a real-life version where Guitar Hero is with piano.

Amelia Timer

Amelia Timer is simple, with beautiful which repeats a timer app. Just having a couple of taps, there is one set of interval length, break length and even number of sets. With no ads, bloat, and a simple periodic timer, there is a perfect tracking activity such as yoga, stretching, running, and with other interval exercises. The features include push notifications, pleasant sound effects, and syncing of settings.



Old School RuneScape

There is Old School RuneScape which everything likes about the MMORPG with a mobile phone. The game features thus have rich quest combines with epic puzzles and enchanting narratives where there is a point-and-click adventure. Features include PvP gameplay, epic boss fights, engaged community, and much more. Thus with free to play is with some in-app-purchases.

Splashy Cube: Color Run

With the block of roll spacing out and avoids balls tries stopping you. Complete the colorful level with a beautiful labyrinth mastering your skills with experience. It is super easy:  thus with tap left or right which moves splash balls in the same color and avoids balls with different colors.