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In 21st century, your business commitments and activities have made you so busy that you do not remember all the appointments that you need to keep or the tasks that you need to accomplish. You may keep noting it in a diary but you cannot carry a big diary everywhere. What if you forget your pocket diary?

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Thus, App. Fields brings you a new app that would act like your personal secratary for your iPhone. This app, like a personal diary, will keep a note of all your tasks, time and dates. You cannot forget it as you never forget to carry your phone.

HeadFinder manages your “to do list” and sends you reminders on the basis of deadlines that are near. In HeadFinder, you can also set up time for family commitments and activities like going to market for shopping. Head Finder also categorises your tasks with “Current”, “Done” and “Missed”. You can enter the status after accomplishing the task and HeadFinder would put that task in the list of “Done”.

HeadFinder app is easy to use with just three taps to schedule a task. Once you set a task, HeadFinder sees what time limit you have set for it. Once time limit is reached, it gives you reminders and notifications. You have the option to set the frequency of reminders that you want to receive.

So sit back! Be tension free! Now you will not forget anything. HeadFinder would remind you everything that you should do, on your iPhone.

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