Play The Game And Help Pocket Monkey To Reach Home [REVIEW]

Pocket Monkey

As a child, I read a story titled, “David Is Lost”. It was the story of a little boy David in London who was lost and he had to find his way back home. He received help from some people in that story.

Today, when I played this game called “Pocket Monkey,” I recalled this story. In this story, our monkey is David and the person who plays this game is one of the people who have to help monkey find his way back home.

Pocket Monkey

This game has been created by GameCell, a company based in United Kingdom.

Pocket Monkey has an interesting story. The beginning may look like a Tarzan story without Tarzan. In the stories of Tarzan, poachers came to jungle to capture animals and Tarzan saved them. Here, when the game starts, you see our hero monkey captured by poachers who have put him in a cage and are driving to the city. Later, the monkey escapes somehow and now the time comes for player to swing into action and help the monkey reach home as the monkey does not know how to reach home.

Pocket Monkey

For our hero Monkey, now the journey through an exhilarating land begins and the land is filled with dangerous and wild creatures. The monkey has to avoid traps and other animals and find his way to his lost tribe. Your pocket monkey can climb trees and jump from branches to collect fruits along the way to survive the journey. Monkey can use collected bananas or nuts to fight fierce creatures, he may encounter. This game is full of action and adventure as the monkey starts to dodge all dangers and obstacles in his way.

The animals who can harm the monkey are villains of the storyline that make this story interesting. There are more than eight different type of enemies our monkey has to fight and overcome.

Pocket Monkey

While playing this game, you can enjoy a gameplay experience that is highly addictive. Pocket Monkey guarantees many hours of sheer fun.

The animation and graphics of this game are really beautiful. The appearance of the monkey would remind you of Abu, the pet monkey of Aladdin, the protagonist of Disney animated movie and TV series.

As this game progresses, along the way there are achievements to bag and objectives to complete. You will enjoy this game so much as you see yourself climbing to the top on online scoreboards. You can master this game easily.

Following are some other features of this game:

1. There are sixty unique levels to play. They are all different. Each level will excite you and entertain you in a different way.

2. Pocket Monkey features multiple types of game play. You have to help Monkey run, climb, jump, and fight enemies.

3. Pocket Monkey is integrated with Gamecenter.

In the new version 1.0.1 of Pocket Monkey, many bugs have been fixed.

Pocket Monkey is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later version.

This game has been designed for both iPhone and iPad.

This review has been written after obtaining Pocket Monkey from the app store and game has been played on an iPad.

So did you enjoy this game while playing it? What are your comments on the awesome animation of this game. Share with us.

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