High price: Decorus Portugal are you ready for iPhone 4?

There is something to cheer for all iPhone 4 fans at decorus Portugal but at the same time is heartening to make known to credible Apple fans at Portugal about whether they can afford the finest smartphone devices in the world.

It seems, orange’s Portuguese type is getting set to release iPhone 4 but the price they want for a network-locked device will construct it one of the most expensive places in the world to buy one where iPhone 4 16Gb Black are price at 679,90€ and iPhone 4 32Gb Black at 769,90€. Though are going on in my mind as whether the iPhone 4 will be reaching only to richest people in Portugal? When we analyse by the price of the device it seems a bit doubtful if iPhone 4 can still continue the magic running after its record sales at opening week in US and other countries where it was launch.

The charismatic iPhone 4 device has already registered impressive interest from users in South Korea with over 130,000 pre-orders placed in about 13 hours as recorded in earlier this week. The people of South Korea show how much they appreciate Apple product. Is not a joke about Apple getting 130,000 pre orders, that also from Asia.

Let’s wait and see, how the decorus Portugal would react to 679, 90€ iPhone 4 and will there be another record of highest sales of smartphones from Apple in Portugal. We would also like to know about your view on iPhone 4 prices and any change of price will let you know.


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