Hollywood actors, writers, and producers tapping iPad to work

Earlier that it was summary as how Hollywood stars and producers alike have been quick to adopt the Apple iPad to help with their day-to-day work.

J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk, director and producers for shows like LOST, Fringe and the Cloverfield movie respectively, have specifically been using the iPad as a main assisting component when working with Transformers executive-producer Robert Orci last month while laying down the sequel to the last Star Trek movie.

“When you’re carrying a little TV around, you bring the capability of imagery to places that you don’t normally have it,” Mr. Orci said in an interview.

Moreover, to a big-time writers and producers using the iPad to help with their work, it looks like many actors like Dana Delany who will be starring in “Body of Proof” on ABC are using the iPad to help with things like rehearsals and script revisions. Not only that even the sound guys are getting in on the action.

“The iPad is the must-carry accessory on sound stages that season, visible behind the scenes of television and film shoots and in business meetings.”

With the amount of product placement for the iPad (2,438 appearances on TV in September alone) and attention from the likes of major Hollywood players mentioned above, how quickly could the iPad take by most day-to-day tasks at the workplace? How have you been using the iPad at work, specifically?

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[Via NYTimes ]

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