Hollywood to bring movies to iCloud

Hollywood iCloud

When a technology becomes obsolete, creators of that technology wish to create something that can compete with the technology. Years ago, DVDs were a rage but as the concept of digital movies came and people started storing the movies in digital format in their computers, laptops and iPads, DVDs became obsolete in the opinion of many. Ripping movies from DVDs became very common when people started storing and sharing movies through flash drives and uploading on Internet.

Thus, film-makers have decided to compete with Apple now and wish to create their on cloud-based storage option. Named Ultraviolet, this service is not about physical sales but online sales.

With a version of DRM placed on DVD movies, Ultraviolet allows users to buy media and store it in a digital locker. After that, users can access movies online with a passcode that is included in the details and information of digital locker. With the cloud service of Apple appearing on wednesday 12 October 2011, Walt Disney Pictures are the only company that are not going along with the idea of filmmakers to have their own cloud service. Disney wishes to launch its own version of cloud service. Late Steve Jobs was the largest shareholder in Disney and was also a member of its Board of Directors.

Given the fact that Apple has had some problems in obtaining licenses to provide movies via iCloud, not all movies may be available there. However, Finance Chief Peter Oppenheimer insists that some “neat stuff” would be available on iCloud. So are you ready to watch some movies online? What movies would you like to discuss in the following comments section?

SOURCE: Cult Of Mac

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