Hong Kong Court Sides With Apple Against Proview

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Proview’s legal battle against Apple over the use of the “iPad” trademark continues to drag on because Proview would not rest until it extorts a huge amount of money from Apple.

However, things have not quite gone to plan for the Chinese company. A Hong Kong court has sided with Apple and agreed that some of Proview’s evidence should be excluded from the case after it failed to comply with the court’s instructions. Proview is yet to decide whether it will appeal against the decision. With debts of around $400 million, you can bet the company will continue to push for every penny it can get.

The dispute, which began back in 2011, is over Apple’s use of the “iPad” name. The Cupertino company purchased the trademark from Proview’s Taiwanese subsidiary for around $55,000, but its Shenzhen-based arm later agued that it did not formally transfer the trademarks. Ironically, officials from Shenzhen branch were in the meeting in which the rights were sold. Apple then sued Proview for conspiring to breach the deal in an effort to secure compensation.

A jingoist judge of a Chinese court has already ruled against Apple, out of his false sense of nationalism and deemed its earlier deal with Proview as invalid. The Cupertino, California-based company reportedly offered to pay 100 million yuans (approx. $16 million) earlier this month, but with $400 million in debts to clear, it just was not enough for Proview and Apple’s offer was declined. It is said that beggars cannot be choosers but this legal dispute shows that Chinese beggars and extortionists can certainly be choosers.

Even the Chinese government is supporting Proview despite all the lies that Proview has spoken to rob Apple.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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