How Apps Dominate Our Lives

Apple vs Android apps

Today we most people use smartphone that either have Android operating system or Apple’s iPhone. The app store or Android and Apple are growing day by day and new apps are coming up everyday.

Each app has its own purpose. Today we have apps to show maps while traveling. We have apps that teach us how to cook. We have apps dedicated to tourist destinations that act as travel guides. We have apps that would help in gambling. There are apps that would help us in taking care of pets.

Apps are there for music, video shooting and editing as well. How can we ignore game apps that entertain us?

Thus, in a nutshell, we can say that apps are dominating and to some extent controlling our lives.

An info graph made by explains that not only apps are being used for almost all tasks, the iOS devices are accounting for 65% web traffic while Android devices account for 20%.

Apps infographic

Source: Money Super Market

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