How: Install Speed Intensifier, Jailbreak App to Speed Up Your iPhone

Speed Intensifier By Philip Wong

Author: Philip Wong
Version: 4.8
Requirement: iOS 4+ (Compatible with all iOS devices)

Looking for a app to increase your iPhone speed, then Speed Intensifier is the app for you.
The application is the Jailbreak app, so that means you need to have Jailbroken device. This Cydia tweak app will enhance the speed of your device.

The feature of this app is that it will literally quadruple the speed by unlocking the processor power. The app is designed to drains minimum power to similar apps like FakeclockUp. Speed Intensifier maintain constant speed through out the application with compability for SBRotaotor, vWallpaper and Barrel.

This files can be found in the insanely repo. For people who has not installed the source can follow the instruction below:

Step 1.
Tab to open the Cydia Store and navigate to manage tab in Cydia.

Step 2.
Tab to select Manage Sources

Step 3.
Press edit and select Add and type

Now once the new repository is installed, do a search for Speed Intensifier. You will find the app as well as the Speed Intensifier Addon. I recommend installing both of these, as the add-on compliments the main application quite well.

Speed Intensifier is adjustable from your Settings app, where you can change the speed of the tweak, as well as disable it. The add-on should show up in Winterboard as 3 options: SI Underclock, Si Speedup, and Si overclock.

The developer claims that you can speed your devices up to “dectuple level” between the 2 tweaks, and it doesn’t drain your battery. I agree about the the app which certainly increase the iPhone speed but about draining iPhone battery life, still I find my iPhone battery drain faster.

Speed Intensifier are to free downloads, so why to create so much hype about it. Once agin, Speed Intensifier is a great app and really makes your iPhone quicker.

Try and use Speed Intensifier,and let us know your experience with the app.

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  1. It does not drain battery at all, it actually increases the battery by opening programs faster so you don’t have to wait long time for it to open. You can put it on infinite speed or -10 it won’t affect the battery in any way.

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