Top Apple Related Kickstarter Projects

Are you bored with following the same routine of pursuing venture capital firms for your initial funding? Are you frustrated with constant “NO” that you are hearing from those venture capital executives after showing them your presentations for hours? Do you want the initial amount of funding without letting money matters affect your business? If any of these things are your concern these days, then here is a solution for you – Kick Starter.

Kick starter is an initiative which works on All-or-Nothing funding method. It is a method where every kickstarter project must be fully funded before its time expires or no money exchange takes place. It is a new concept that provides less risk for everyone and allows people to test concepts or basic models without risking everything.

GameDock for iPhone, iPad and iPod Devices

Game Dock iPhone

Do you remember the nostalgic moments of playing Mario videogame on T.V by inserting a cassette. When we used to play as a team with multiplayer option, I Know there are a lot consoles available like Sony Play station, XBOX etc. But what about the games which are available on our iPhone or iPad.

Playing Retro games on iPhone isn’t fun too, when you get frustrated with the touch controls or when we want to play an iPad game with a friend.GameDock turns your Phone into console. All you have to do is plug the dock into your TV and your device into a game like cartridge. Game Dock comes with a simple dock and two remotes for multiplayer gaming.

Gamedock team is quit popular on the Kickstarter and already generated around $ 36,403 out of there $ 50,000 goal.

Nifty Mini Drive

Mini Drive MacThis small device is hugely popular in the Kickstarter, and is a good example of how a simple idea can be hugely successful, so one should never let go of his idea. The Nifty mini drive is an easy to use device that allows anyone to quickly increase the available memory in their MacBook computer as well as providing a set and forget back-up solution. The product comes in various colors and is highly easy to use which has made it easily the most popular project on the Kickstarter and it has already generated a funding of around $250,000 which has definitely surpassed there Pledged goal of just $11000 from almost 6600 backers and is well on its way for the starting the production of the device.

L8 Smartlight : The SoundLess Speaker for Phone

This  silent speaker is a battery powered mini squared lamp with a multicolored  64 LED matrix one side and multicolored super bright light on the other hand side that connects with your smarSoundless Speker iPhonetphone to notify you by bright light or image of anything that happens on internet whether it’s an alert, an e-mail or facebook and twitter messages. Its bright lights with no-noise and portability feature have impressed the investors and critics alike and that’s why it as already garnered around $ 83000 out of its $ 90,000 goal from its 862 investors.

GoPano micro- Capture 360 degree from your iPhone

The GoPano micro is a lens for iPhone  4 to take cool 360 degree panoramic videos! It is a detachable lens which you can just attached to your iPhone 4 and press record button to take cool videos around you at the same time.You can use it anytime at any angle and also allows you to upload 360 degree video onto GoPano’s web platform. These cool features really impressed the users of kick starter and they helped him surpassed the desired target of $ 20,000 by 10times from 2685 backers.

Cloud FTP

Cloud FTP Wirelessly share any USB storage with iPad, iPhone

Cloud FTP made file sharing possible which was considered necessary for a very long time as connecting USB mass storage devices like flash drives, hard drives ,card readers  to iPhone, iPad or Cloud was considered a headache without going through the computer. Cloud FTP is a portable pocket sized adaptor that can turn any USB flash device into wireless cloud server. It was these features that made CloudFTP a huge success on kickstarter and It became the 3rd most funded Kickstarter technology project and easily reached its goal of $100,000.

TIKTAK : Premium Protection System for iPhone

Protecting there iPhones was always a main concern for the iPhone users.

Keeping this in mind LUNATIK Security Protection iPhonelaunched TIKTAK a premium protection system for iPhone .The best thing about the case is it’s not a “just another case for iPhone “ but as you put it over the iPhone, it gives an entire new look to the iPhone and you will get a highly stylized version of your iPhone. Features like Gorilla Glass and Shock proof suspension with multi-colors puts it a

mong the most successful Kicktarters which generated itself $ 500,000 while its target was only $150,000.This sums up its success pretty much.

The success of these upcoming technology vendors on Kickstarter has paved the way for thousands of aspiring businesses which can find an alternate for Venture Capital Funding in Crowd Funding. This will only increase the competition among these tech firms and will take the innovation to a whole new level. As for us its only a good thing because more competition can only lead to more innovation .

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