How to make Siri more interesting with some possible apps

iPhone 4S Siri

Ever since iPhone 4S has been released, the virtual personal assistant Siri has been the center of attention. People love to use it. Siri can send text message on your behalf. It can search grocery stores and restaurants for you.

However, in the digital age, there are many people that cannot live without Internet. Some websites are popular enough to make regular visitors attracted to them. I believe that using Siri can be more fun and more interesting if Apple creates apps for iPhone 4S that can be integrated with Siri and we can use them on iPhone.

Let me share the list of websites which in my opinion if integrated with can make Siri and iPhone, real fun.

Facebook Siri

1. Facebook:
I chat with my friends, I share good news with them through status updates. I think that a Facebook app for iPhone 4S that can enable Siri to post status update or send friendship requests or messages to friends on the behalf of a user.



Twitter Siri

2. Twitter:
For those who love to tweet, they have to take a break of at least five-seconds to post tweets and update their friends and followers about what they are doing. I think that with an app, if Siri is integrated with Twitter, one can simply tell Siri to post a tweet and the tweet would be posted.



Amazon Siri

3. Amazon:
Now that nobody likes to walk in a store and stand in a queue, Amazon is favorite for people who love make purchases online. Thus, an app that can enable users to order from Amazon by using iPhone would be helpful. On the orders of users, Siri can place the order on Amazon.



Pandora Siri

4. Pandora:
Some people cannot store all the music on their phone due to limited space. Thus, they prefer to listen to music online. Being a music lover, I would love to see an app that enables me to use online music service Pandora by using my iPhone. I would like to ask Siri to play my favorite songs using Pandora.



Wikipedia Siri

5. Wikipedia:
Whenever I am in doubt about some fact related to history, literature, media or anything, checking on Wikipedia is the first thing that I do. I do not carry a computer with me everywhere I go. Thus, I think that an app that enables accessing Wikipedia on my iPhone would be a great help. Siri would be able to read from Wikipedia and tell me the things I want to know.



Fandango Siri

6. Fandango:
If an app integrating Fandango is available, I can ask Siri to book tickets for my favorite movie.



Netflix Siri

7. Netflix:
While traveling, if I wish to watch movies, with app integrating Siri with Netflix, it (Siri) can easily tell me which movies and TV shows are available with Netflix.



8. IMDB:
What Wikipedia does for knowledge is what IMDB does for the facts about cinema and successful movies. With app blending it with Siri, Siri can show me movie trailers and give me information on actors I like.


Yahoo Sports Siri

9. Yahoo Sports:
With an app supporting Yahoo sports on Siri, Siri can give us updates on the ongoing and forthcoming sports event.


CNN Siri

10. CNN
I imagined that I asked Siri to show me headlines related to current affairs. Siri opened CNN and showed me headlines. I wish Apple develops an app that enables Siri to show all important news from CNN.

These are my favorite website apps that I wish to be made and integrated with Siri. I hope someday Apple creates apps integrating these websites with Siri. Tell me the websites for whom you would like to see apps that can integrate them with Siri.

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