How To configure Lock Screen Info and Notification Center Privacy options

Notification iPhone

Confused after getting your new iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone? Want to understand the settings? Trying to set up Notification and privacy options?

There is a simple way to configure the lock screen information of your iDevice and set privacy options.

To explain this concept, allow me to explain the functioning of Lock Screen info:

1. There is a single pop-up when there is one notification for you.

Notification iPod Touch

2. In the case of multiple notifications, there is a stacked list view for you to see.

3. Many times it happens that you have a new notification but among previous notifications some of them are unread. In such situation, you get a single pop-up but you can swipe the date/time bar and see the complete list of notifications. A small gripper icon indicates when this is possible.

Notification iPad

4. In the case of a notification with a secondary action, for example, Snooze for alarm notification, you would see a secondary button appearing for that action.

You would have the option of turning off the Light Emitting Diodes (LED) or set a sound/vibration as well for a Lock Screen notification.

You can go directly to the app by sliding the icon for any notification, just the way you slide to unlock. Sliding the icon or sliding to unlock clears all Lock Screen notifications.

Now, here are some suggestions about Lock Screen info and Privacy Settings:

1. If you strongly support privacy, then by turning of Show Preview toggle, you will not see preview of notifications, including sent email, tweet, iMessages etc.

2. With Repeat Alert option, you can continue iOS to keep alerting you about notifications on regular basis, for example, in every 20 minutes.

Privacy Settings

3. You should turn on the View in Lock Screen, only if you do not want to unlock your iPhone every time to see your alerts.

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