How to create Folders on your iOS 4 iPhone or iPod touch

Here, are the steps that has to be followed in-order to create folders on your iOS 4 iPhone and iPod touch. The steps to be follow are listed below.

Step 1.
The first steps require you create a folder, press and hold an icon on your Springboard until it wiggles.

Step 2.
Now you can drag an icon on top of another and release. This will create a new folder.

Step 3.
You may also choose to give the folder a custom name then press the Home button to save your changes.

Step 4.
Remember that from now whenever you press the folder’s Springboard icon it will open to display the applications inside.

Step 5.
To remove an application from its folder, simply open a
folder then press and hold an application’s icon until it starts
wiggling. Drag the icon out of the folder and back on to the
Springboard to remove it.

Step 6.
To remove a folder entirely, simply drag out all the
applications from inside of it, then press the home button to complete
the action.

These reference to those new to the iPhone and unfamiliar with its technology.

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