How to get a copy of your Apple data report?


Cupertino makes easier receives a copy of your Apple data report. In Europe, United States and elsewhere, one now creates a request on Apple’s Data & Privacy website.

First announced in March 2018, Apple’s Data & Privacy website went for online two months later. Located at privacy,, the page hence initially added complies with European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an effect in May 2018. Thus one notes slowly expanded offers support in additional location around the world.

Requesting your Apple data report

To claim Apple data report, follow these directions:

  1. First, you need to log Privacy website with your Apple ID. Depends on how one opens your account setup, ask with the use of two-way authentication.

  1. Under “Get a copy of your data,” make sure to click it and get started.
  2. On the next page, select the personal data where one such as Apple retrieval of Apple data report. Check off the items you like included. You can choose things such as Apple ID account and devices information, iCloud Contacts, Marketing subscriptions, and more. You can choose “Select All” including everything with your report.

All Apple data report downloads include:

  • App usage along with activity information
  • Documents, photos, and videos in original format.
  • Contacts, calendars, and bookmarks

Note: Your download will not include App, book, movie, TV show, or music purchases.

  1. Once you make your selection, click “Continue.”
  2. On the next page, choose a maximum file size convenient for you to download. The actual information divides into files of this size or smaller. You can select from 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, or 25GB.
  3. Make your selection and click “Complete Request.”

On the next page, you receive a notice explains taking up to seven days before you receive your Apple data report. It says, “To ensure the security of your data, and use this time verifying that the request made is by you.”

You thus view and check the status of Apple data report request visiting

Wrapping it up

Once Apple data reports ready notified, you now has14 days to download it before getting deleted. Thus, one, however, cannot request user data in your location yet, still requests a copy of the identification information as Apple knows you contacting the company’s privacy response team.