How to get First Over-The-Air iOS Update [TUTORIAL]

This past Thursday, Apple released iOS 5.0.1 to solve the battery related problems of many gadgets including iPhone 4S. Apple aimed to put a rest to the complaints. This release is the first ever test by Apple for its new Over-The-Air (OTA) update system.

iOS Update

In this system, by delivering updates OTA, users do not need to worry about connecting to a computer or iTunes to get the latest software. As long as your iOS device is connected to Wi-Fi and if has at least 50% of battery life (you may plug it into a power outlet), it can receive the update.

Following is the procedure to download OTA update for iOS:

iOS UpdateSTEP 1 – Get the update:
To get the update, follow these steps –

(i) Manually check iOS updates by going to the Settings app.
(ii) Select “General” and “Software update”. This will query Apple’s servers. If an update is there, you would be given the option to download and install the file. Apple also alerts users of system updates.
(iii) Download the update.

iOS Update

STEP 2 – Installing the update:
After downloading the update, you can install it in following steps –

(i) Restart your device after downloading the update.
(ii) The new update would be loaded in your device after restart. Now iPad 1 users can experience multi-touch support and iPhone users would see that their iPhone has a better battery life.

Difference in file sizes:
It has been seen that the size of update file was 55.5 MB. However, the same file, if downloaded from Apple’s servers would be 852.5 MB. The reason for this difference is yet to be known.

iOS Device Battery Power

Minimum battery requirements:
As said earlier, for hassle free download, the battery of your device should be at least 50% charged.

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