How to get your App into the App Store

If you are among the great in developing at least as far as iPhone/iPad apps go. Well, if you are, you may want to take a look at Guide to C/C++/C# David Bolton’s overview of the process of getting an iPhone app into the App Store.

Presently if you are not ready to make your app available or you haven’t actually started yet but always thought you could develop an app then you might also want to take a look at David’s programming tutorial, aptly named My First iPhone App.

Ok before you fire up the Xcode development environment there you will need a copy of the developer tools. Moreover, Apple gives the Xcode tools away for free. You can even find the Xcode developer tools at the Apple Developer site. Once you are there, select the link to the Mac Dev Centere where you can download the developer tools and the iPhone SDK.

There is an important message for user about Macs needing a new application and always remembered that you don’t forget about Mac users looking for the next big application. Don’t fell small if your application is not in store but always try to strike harder.


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