How to make an old iPhone equals new iPhone information

If you one of those lucky ones who have pre-ordered iPhone 4 then I am sure you must be too excited to track the delivery in an out. So, here’s what I have for you which would help in tracing the shipment and delivery of your all new iPhone4.

At the moment there are three Apps which will let you know the delivery status, Just tried LMS factor (life made simple). It would be nice to know your comments and reactions.

Delivery Status touch ($5)

The opening of the app shows important data like, how many days are left until delivery. The different colors denote different things. Purple means FedEx, brown is for UPS and other colors like grey and red make an intelligent mix for a pleasant UI. When you further navigate in the app you get to see the current location of your package, where is the tiny delicate box stranded if not in your hands. If you are truly lucky then it will delight you by showing any place other than China.

The app works great and it covers an extensive list of tracking deliveries for more than 25 shipping services, the popular ones being UPS, USPS, FedEx, Amazon, Apple. With more features been added like barcode scanning and enhanced push notification, It’s till now the most superior app in the app store.

Package Tracker Lite (Free)
This app is too simple for a free and that might annoy you. The app will only track deliveries for UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL. All the information is shown in an easy read list form. A nice feature about the app is you can rename your deliveries. Something like, if your new iPhone 4 is still stuck in China then you can name ‘My iPhone is lost’ or ‘Cruel China’. Its not as superior as Delivery status touch but anyways its a free app so no harm in having it and giving it a try.

Fedex (Free)
You need an account with the Fedex people to use this app. The only point where you get stuck is you need an account to track your stuff but its a robust app and will provide you accurate information regarding your shipment and delivery details.

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