How to patch MobileInstallation file on iPhone 3.0

Those of you who have updated to iPhone OS 3.0 (jailbroken) might have noticed that your jailbroken apps (Apps installed outside from App Store) have stopped working. Even if you have tried reinstalling them they wont work because these apps require a patched version of MobileInstallation file on your iPhone. Here’s what you have to do to patch the mobileinstallation file on your iPhone, although some have reported that the Mobileinstallation beta file works. I have personally used this method below and can confirm that it works.


1. Go to “Cydia”.

2. Click on “Manage” tab on the bottom.

3. Now click on “Sources” as seen in the screenshot below:

4. Click on “Edit” and then on “Add”. You will be prompted to enter a url source as seen in the screenshot below. Type “” and click on “Add Source”. Cydia will now automatically update your sources by following a series of automated steps.

5. After installation is completed. Search for “AppSync” in Cydia and install this application. This app will automatically patch your mobileinstallation file.

You should be now able to install all of your jailbroken apps on iPhone OS 3.0.

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