How to Purchase Cydia Application

Cydia Store has been opened for business for around three weeks. Have anyone purchased any Cydia Application from Cydia Store? I bought the first paid application – Cyntact from Cydia Store. The shopping experience from Cydia Store is very different from App Store. And, here I’d like to walk you through how you can purchase a paid Cydia application.

If you’re already using Jailbroken iPhone, you should have used Cydia to download free iPhone application. Cydia Store is just an extension of the original Cydia application that lets you to purchase paid application, which can’t make into the Apple’s App Store.

Shopping on Cydia Store

By launching Cydia, you’d see a “Cydia Store: Products” button. Tap on it will bring to the Cydia Store.

Cydia Store - HomeCydia Store - Products

To show you the shopping experience of Cydia Store, I purchased the Cyntact application. What’s this app about? Wait… I’ll show you after the walkthrough.

Now when you select a paid application in Cydia, you’ll see the same package screen that shows the package description but the “Install” button is replaced by the “Purchase” button.

Cyntact in Cydia

Show Your Identity

Before you can purchase paid application, Cydia Store requires you to show your identity. Unlike Apple’s App Store, Cydia Store does not require you to register an account. Instead, you can choose to use your Facebook or Google account to logon the store.

Logon Cydia Store

As for this walkthrough, I logged on via my Facebook ID. Simply tap “Connect with Facebook”, Cydia will bring you to the logon interface of Facebook. Select “Log into Cydia” and sign in with your Facebook account.

Cydia - Logon FacebookCydia Logon Facebook #2

Once authenticated, Cydia store requests you to link the device with your Cydia account forpurchase authorization.

Cydia Store - Link Device

Proceed to Payment

Next, you’ll have to make the payment. Presently, Cydia Store only supports payment via Amazon and Paypal. But if you opt for Paypal, you’ll be charged an addition of 25 cents. So, like me, you’ll probably opt for Amazon Payment to save money.

Cydia Payment

By tapping “Pay $1.00 Now”, you’ll be brought to Amazon Payment. If you already have an Amazon account, simply logon using the registered email address. Otherwise, register a new one. Next, type in the Credit Card information and proceed to confirmation.

Cydia Amazon PaymentCydia - Fill in credit card
Amazon Payment - Shipping InfoAmazon Payment - Confirm

Almost complete… Install the Application

Once you confirm the payment, you’ll be brought back to the Cyntact package screen. But this time, the “Purchase” button is changed to “Install” button. And, you can go ahead to install Cyntact on iPhone.

Cydia - Install Cyntact

Cyntact – The First Paid Application on Cydia Store

So, what’s Cyntact? Cyntact is the first paid application released on Cydia Store. It tweaks the iPhone Contacts application and displays a profile thumbnail in the contact list. That’s really simple.


That’s how you purchase an app from Cydia Store. As you see from the walkthrough, buying an iPhone app on Cydia store takes much more steps, as compared with App Store. Many suggested that Cydia Store is a potential threat to Apple’s App Store. Base on my shopping experience, however, the developers of Cydia store will need to work harder and provide iPhone user a better shopping experience in order to compete with App Store.

Have you bought any iPhone apps from Cydia Store? What do you think about it? Feel free to leave comment and share your thought.

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