How To Replace An iPhone 4 Battery [TUTORIAL]

Is your iPhone 4 out of warranty? Does its battery go out of order while charging? Do you think it is time to replace the battery of your iPhone 4?

Allow me to introduce you to PXLFIX services who can solve your problems by changing the battery of your iPhone 4 on regular basis. Just the way, they changed my phones battery. I will explain the right procedure to solve your problem.

However, I want to make it clear that if you experience some problem, then you cannot hold me, Apple Bites or PXLFIX responsible for that. Replace this battery at your own risk.

Following video shows the procedure of replacing the battery.

Like PXLFIX, we also advise you to use genuine parts to replace the battery. Before you start the procedure, you should have a new battery and a #00 Phillips screw driver in your hand.

After that, you should get a mini 5-point screwdriver. However, you will only need this if you have five point screws in your dock connector instead of standard #00 Phillips screws. Lastly, get a plastic pry tool.

Opening your iPhone 4 to remove battery:

iPhone 4 battery

STEP 1 – Remove the bottom 2 dock connector screens in your iPhone 4. Either you can use either your #00 screwdriver or the five point depending on whether or not your iPhone 4 has security screws in the dock connector. Usually, newer devices will have security screws.

STEP 2 – Slide the back upwards and lift it off gently.

STEP 3 – Set the back and 2 dock connector screws aside. Make sure you do not lose them.

Removing the old battery of your iPhone 4:

iPhone 4 battery

STEP 1 – You will need to remove the #00 screw holding the battery clip in place. Remove the screw located to the bottom left of the battery.

iPhone 4 battery

STEP 2 – The metal clip on the battery of your iPhone 4 clips the battery to the logic board. You should pop this clip up with the plastic pry tool. Stick the end of your pry tool underneath the clip and gently pull upwards until it unfastens from the logic board.

iPhone 4 battery

STEP 3 – You should not use plastic pull tab to remove the battery. There is some amount of adhesive underneath the battery. The tab will normally just rip off. However, you can bend the battery. The better idea is to run your pry tool along the right side of the battery and break the adhesive that way. Once the old battery is free from the adhesive, you can pull it out of your phone. There are no other connectors that hold it in.

iPhone 4 battery

STEP 4 – You should remember that there is a tiny grounding clip, sitting right where you unscrewed your battery from. Ensure that you NEVER lose this clip. It grounds your Wi-Fi antenna. You need to make sure it is in place before installing the new battery.

Installing the new battery in your iPhone 4:

STEP 1 – Make sure your Wi-Fi grounding clip is in place. You should line it up with your #00 screw hole for your battery.It will go under your battery clip.

STEP 2 – After lining up grounding clip, you can snap your new battery in place. Line up the clip on the battery to where it gets seated on the logic board and snap it down. If you hear the sound of “click”, that means clip is properly seated.

STEP 3 – Now you should set the new battery in place and line it up.

STEP 4 – Lastly, replace the #00 screw that holds the battery and grounding clip in place.

Putting the cover back on your iPhone 4:

STEP 1 – The back cover of iPhone should be placed by lining up the clips and sliding it down into place. It should fall directly into the track. Do not exert pressure, if you do it the right way, it would go easily.

STEP 2 – Put the two dock connector screws back in.

There you have it. Now your iPhone 4 has a new battery.

Did the following procedure help you? Tell us in the comments section.

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  1. Needs a very good, close up picture of the antenna
    grounding clip properly installed. A textual based description with no picture
    is not very useful. A picture of the clip that is not installed is not very useful either.
    When mine popped off, I never saw what it looked like when properly installed.
    As a result is took me a long time to figure out how to re-install the battery clip
    because I never saw it installed in the 1st place. It popped off before I had a chance
    to see it or even know it was there.

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