How to Send a MMS Message Using Your iPhone [iPhone OS 3.0]

Here are the steps that has to be followed in-order to utilize the iPhone and the new 3.0 firmware.

Note: Here, your network carrier must support MMS, charged will be extra for MMS messaging if you do not have a data plan.

Step 1.
The first steps require you tap to launch the Messages application from the SpringBoard.

Step 2.
Now choose a recipient in-order to reply or open a new message. Look on the left of the entryfield there is a new camera button. Press this button.

Step 3.
Now from the menu, select Choose Existing

Step 4.
Here, you will be presented with a list of photo albums. Now choose the photo which you would like to MMS. To confirm your selection press the Choose button.

Step 5.
The photo will now be added into your message. You can also type text along with the image.

Step 6.
Take a photo directly from the messages app and press the Camera button again. Select Take Photo from the menu that appears.

The camera app will launch and your can snap a photo of whatever you like. Select button to take another picture or press the Use button if you are happy with your last shot.

Step 7.

Choose an image and then press the Send icon at the bottom left of the screen. Choose MMS from the menu that appears.

Step 8.
A new mail message will be created with the image in the body of the message.


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