How to use Apple Watch and iPhone World Clock — time zone keeps straight?

The tracking of the time zone for work or pleasure makes the use for the Apple Watch and iPhone World clock.

Thus with a track of time zone is where Apple Watch and iPhone notes in making an Apple Watch complicated and also keeps upon tracking them with a glance. Hence there is a start with iPhone setting up different cities on Apple Watch. Thus Apple Watch and iPhone World Clock keeps with time zones straight.



1. Open the Clock app and thus tap on the World Clock at the bottom left corner.
2. Tap the + icon at the top right corner adding a new city.
3. Select or Use search a city from the list

Here’s how the process looks:
Thus with the new cities automatically getting added bottom of your list, organize them, tap and Edit in the top left corner.

iPhone World Clock

Thus with the cities, added on iPhone automatically is synced and showed up on Apple Watch. Having said this, there is the one which is most convenient for using Apple Watch in checking with time zones. With new cities up there, one can also add via Apple Watch.

Apple Watch
1. Open World Clock (tap the orange globe or ask Siri)
2. Tap Today at top left corner
3. Swipe at the bottom listing and tap Add City

Notably, with two different ways of Apple Watch offers time zones. Thus upon saving, view the existence of graphical view which includes sunrise and sunset data. Adding the World Clock with a complication of favourite watch hence faces an easy access.