How to use Measure app in iOS 12?

One could be moving with a new space and wonder if the old desk fits in or not?

With most people suggestive of you measure the desk with a measuring tape, runs iOS 12 which one does not even need that!

With the new Measure app allowing you to use AR also known as (augmented reality) measures lines with only the back camera of iPhone. Thus with Measure App working pretty well pinches yourself without a tape to measure near.

We will thus know about two things here as follows and they are:

  1. How an object requires thus to be measured in the Measure app?
  2. How to measure an object in the Measure app?

With these being said as such, the Measure app only thus measures with straight lines ever since uses the back camera with more light and better results likely to be having.

  1. From your Home screen, launch the Measure app.
  2. Try snapping the corners where a white dot being moved from the start point with a camera comes across one.
  3. Select the Start button by tapping +button.
  4. At your endpoint, move the white dot.
  5. Select your endpoint, by tapping the +button.
  6. Towards the middle of the line, one needs to have a look at the final measurement such that one needs to step back to see it.

How to use the level in the Measure app on iPhone?

With the level tool from iOS12, with the past version of the iOS has been moved at the new Measure app.

1. From your Home screen, launch Measure app.
2. Tap Level.

Horizontal Level

1. Try to level off the iPhone flat on the surface by placing an object on to it.
2. At all directions, until you hit 0-degrees tilt such that screen turns green.
3. Tap once to turn the black screen red which will stay until your iPhone level at the point turns green.

Vertical Level

  1. Hold iPhone such that the object thus turned can be set to vertical level.
  2. Until you hit 0-degrees at all directions, tilt with the bottom half turning the screen red.
  3. By taking another measurement off that angle, tap the level once where one could see red as one can stay away from the angle where you were on. Thus this may help you measure 90-degree and 45-degree angles.

Thus with this being said, one should note the fact that we will be able to see the picture in clear vision at detail with the above said Measure app in iOS-12.