For You Tab – a new in Photos – Know How?

This tutorial is all about the new Photos app which includes on how to use the For You tab with other enhancements.

How to use the Photos For You tab?

The new For You tab which has the most important and memorable photos at one convenient spot not only provides you with cool viewing options but also have the access of this section by tapping the ‘For You’ tab just at the bottom of the Photos app.

To edit a Memory Movie:

  1. Tap for playing the movie and once again tap, which puts you in the editing screen.
  2. Scroll the bottom which selects a different title font and matching the music.
  3. Tap the Edit button on the top which changes the title, title image, music, duration, or photos. Click ‘Done’ with changes to save in the Edit section.

Featured Photos: A nice assortment of photos assembled for you as “featured” at a due consideration of the best moments from your photo library.

Shared Album Activity: The title hence implies, the review activity from albums one can share with the items with others here.

Effect Suggestions: At due case, one can have a section hence with photos which needs improvement. It is also suggestive of brightness in a photo or by adding a filter effect.

Sharing Suggestions: This is one not only lets you easily share the photos with others but also uses a link and work with iCloud Photos, having the suggestion from whom a chat with iMessage and photos taken together.

How to use the new search features

From the Photos app, one could easily find pictures easier than before. With various ways now to search is by place, event, or person. Hence with the use of multiple keyword searches, pop-in word combinations such as Vacation and June or Sports and Dogs.

With the Intelligent Search option, within your search word or phrase, is one app provides automatic suggestions for people, places, events, and dates used in your Photos app.

Other useful improvements in Photos

  • With importing makes the pulling-in photos and videos where other devices run rather faster.
  • The Albums redesigned in the tab is with finding the albums more easier and quicker functions.
  • The RAW photos updated and hence in previous versions of iOS with third-party apps which feature the enhancements too.

As Christian, who explained in his overview of iOS 12 features:

With iOS 12, one can now edit imported RAW photos from your computer or DSLR camera which have nothing to leave any Photos. Hence by editing RAW shots in Photos, we thus require iOS devices being modelled with an A9 Chip or later.

Wrapping it up

With new features terrific always and updates with the existing ones being useful. Do you have a new feature which is favourite in the Photos app? Is it the ‘For You‘ tab Photos or something else?

Memories: With the top area Photos For You easily combines a noteworthy of events with photos, not only taps any collections in Memories but plays the movie created for you making an edit by adding more photos to the assortment.