HTC Admits That LTE Android Phones Are A Joke


Currently, LTE chips costume a lot of power and they are too huge to fit into the iPhone. Majority of United States 4G does not have 4G coverage. Till last year, the competitors of Apple used ridiculed iPhone for not embracing LTE.

Now it is Apple’s turn to laugh at its competitors. After seeing profits of taking a fall of 26% this quarter, HTC admitted that making an early transition to LTE was a “big mistake.”

HTC mostly blamed dipping profits on increased competition from Apple and Samsung. However, Chief Financial Officer Winston Yung acknowledged that adopting LTE early and making thick, short-lived devices just for the sake of having 4G was a huge mistake. Yung clarified that this problem would be fixed in the next generation devices.

Now that the competitors of Apple are saying the move to LTE was wrong, this news should serve as a blow to rumors that talk about iPhone 5 to Quad-mode LTE Chip. It is yet to be seen whether Apple would really bring iPhone 5 with LTE chip.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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