Html5 web mail for iPad is here…Yeppie!!!

With new devices around, you will always come across new applications and softwares to support the devices or enhance the utilities the device is attached to. Here I am going to write about a devices which is a revolution created by Apple. Now Yahoo had launched the Html5 web mail compatible to Apple’s creation the iPad.

Let me mention there are thousands of web mails, so why software engineers make so many one after another. Let me answer you. Every application has unique features which can really push the quality of a thing.

Such an attempt has been made by Yahoo as mentioned earlier.

“We’ve kept all the things users love about our new mobile Web mail experience, while also optimizing for the gorgeous large screen of the iPad. You can expect the iPad experience to be”,

said Lee Parry, Product Manager.

“So if you do have one iPad, simply open up Safari and head on over to to try it for yourself”, further he added.

So you can avail the service which is fast at surfing, have message alert when you are offline and many more to try on.

So try on again!


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