Hulu coming with $5 subscription

Now watching TV shows on your iPad via Hulu may cost you a lot less in the near future.

Hulu is considering cutting its subscription price in half to $5 per month from earlier $10. Hulu has rivals from Netflix streaming and ABC, which has content on Hulu. Things are likely to get worse for Hulu as the cable providers like Time Warner have plans to offer streaming content for mobile devices to their subscribers

Netflix is considered to be Hulu’s biggest competition, Hulu does offer something their rival lacks—network TV shows the day after they air. The TV series available on Netflix are DVD sets from previous seasons, which is fine if you want to watch a “Law & Order: SVU” marathon, but not if you want to catch up on the prime time series you missed when you went to a ball game last night. There’s a lot to like about Hulu.

Anyhow they have work to do if they expect to keep up with the growing competition.


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